Seafarer Studio, Shop Local

This trendy Tuesday I am so excited to share my friend Hannah’s company, Seafarer Studio. She is another amazing creative who has quite the eye for detail and design, designing her very own t-shirt line. All her designs are handmade with special attention to detail, all with a little bit of adventure and flair incorporated. From inspirational quotes to fun animal scenes and artistic patterns, you won’t be disappointed with all the fun t-shirts her shop has to offer (christmas shopping, nudge nudge). The cherry on top?? They are running a special right now– if you enter “thankful15” you will get 15% off your order plus you can make a difference as you shop this holiday season because $2 of each t-shirt sale is donated to Lifewater, an amazing local non-profit. I already did some shopping on her website and I must say, after trying on a few of her shirts I did not want to take them off!! They are SO comfortable,I want to live and sleep in them 24/7!! So with that, check out the fun ladies and men’s apparel she has to offer….

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hannah's clothing line_0022

Get shopping zesty peeps!