Scandinavian Open Face Sandwich

Savouring Saturday

The Dane and Swede in me is going to nerd out right now.  Yes, the sandwich is a staple in American cuisine clear down to toddler years and soaring high to the perfected sammys of NY delis and the cheese steaks of Philly.  You can order them as triple deckers or as simple as peanut butter and jelly.  The poetry of a sandwich is the balance of flavor neatly packaged in a convenient and tidy rendition of a bottom piece of bread and a top.  This allows for whatever concoction you have created within the scope of the two pieces of bread to be easily traveled with, eaten on the go, and catagorizing it as finger food.  Yep, the sandwich is a pretty stellar little creation.  Honestly, living in a college town, I would have to use my fingers and my toes to count the amazing shops selling their beautiful sandwiches all over San Luis Obispo.  Can I get a nom-nom for the perfect lunch?

All that amazingness aside, I am a fan of the slightly less practical but the equally delectable open face sandwich that is the darling of all of Scandinavia.  Though these beauties feel a little more fork-n-knife, you can find them in the classiest joints as well as at every sufficiently stocked vending machine.



bread of choice (I prefer a nice pumpernickel if I am not bothering with gluten free)

bay shrimp

eggs (hard boiled)


fresh dill

butter lettuce


On freshly toasted bread, nestle a large leaf of butter lettuce.


Prep your hardboiled eggs and slice them for the sandwiches.


I love a perfectly hard boiled egg with a creamy lemon colored center.  No grey in sight!  If you need a quick tutorial on a fool proof approach to hard boiling eggs, go here.


Us Scandinavians like our mayonnaise.  Top the egg lightly with a bit of mayo to help your shrimp adhere, and give some yummy flavor.


Top your bay shrimp with fresh dill and a crack of pepper.


And then dive in!  This is the best summer lunch paired with a bright white wine.


Happy noshing y’all!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton