Savouring Saturday: Salt n’ Peppa Tater Chip Chicken

Wow….Christmas season is afoot!  Sam and I just busted out two Christmas parties last night and they were fabulous!  But after doing decor, loading and unloading the trailer umpteen times, and cooking for 220 people….I am more than ready for a chill evening.  I think Sam and I officially missed at least 4 meals in the last 2 days, so it’s time for a nice hot meal.  But, obviously, after all the cooking that I have been doing, I needed easy.  Hence, the recipe I created using my family’s favorite chip: Salt and Pepper Kettle Chips. DSC_3305First, I cubed some red potatoes and dressed them with some olive oil, fresh rosemary from the yard, and some salt and pepper.  I then squirted some dijon all over my chicken thighs and legs, covering the entire tops of the chicken.  The dijon acts as flavor and glue for the crumb crust.DSC_3306Now time to bag some chips and crush them quickly (a very important adverb in my life these days!).DSC_3311Sprinkling the chip crumbs all over the chicken…I was ready to throw them into a *400 oven for 30 minutes.DSC_3313After 30 minutes, I dropped the temperature down to *350 and cooked for another 10-30 minutes.  Make sure to check the meat temp and/or check for the juices to run clear.  Pink juice = major digestive unhappiness 🙂DSC_3317Gloriously brown n’ crisp!DSC_3316I love a quick throw together meal that is in one dish and that my whole family gobbles up!  I know it borderlines junk food, but hey….it’s been a long weekend!DSC_3319Bon apetit, peeps! xoxo Chanda

salt n peppa chip chicken