Savouring Saturday: Roasted Sweet Potato with Fried Sage and Browned Butter

Happy Saturday, folks!  If you are anything like me, you are starting to think of your Thanksgiving menu and getting your grocery list ready.  I love planning my Thanksgiving menu, paying attention to the guest list and what recipes would strike a chord with all at the table.  The menu can be exquisitely complicated and sophisticated or extremely old school and homey….and everything in between.  This year, I think that I am opting for simple and clean.  Our family has had a tough year of loosing loved ones and nursing loved ones, so I think some simple, hot, and comforting food that allows us to focus on spending time together is exactly what is in order.  With that said, I think I may opt out of any complicated or old school versions of sweet potato casseroles.  Instead, I want to recognize the food on the table…simple, straightforward and delicious. DSC_3221Whole roasted sweet potatoes with just a few stellar ingredients. DSC_3224 As the butter melts and begins to bubble, toss in some whole sage leaves. DSC_3225Gently stir as the milk solids in your butter begin to brown…keep your eye on it, because it will happen faster than you anticipate in the end. DSC_3226DSC_3227DSC_3228DSC_3229Once your sweet potatoes are fully roasted and soft, score them and push the ends inward a bit until the sweet and soft interior piles up in the center.  Arrange them on a platter for your guests (preferably on white so you can see the gorgeous browned butter) and then pile up with your fried sage, a generous drizzle of the browned butter, and a sprinkling of sea salt. DSC_3230DSC_3232DSC_3231Absolutely delicious and simple.  Now, get ready for pulling up a chair, pouring a glass of wine and soaking in the time with your loved ones!  And have a Happy Thanksgiving this Thursday! xoxo Chanda

 Sweet potato and fried sage