Savouring Saturday: Hot n’ Bubbly Sweet Onion and Parmesan Dip to Die For!

Happy Saturday, lovelies!  I am super jazzed, and a bit flabbergasted, that I survived my Saturday.  It was tournament day on the soccer field…and all y’all who are self-proclaimed “soccer moms” (enthusiatics and reluctants included) know precisely what that means: be on the soccer field by 7:30am despite it being 40 degrees.  Burrrrrr.  Then, if your little whipper-snapper succeeds in victory, it becomes a whole day at the field.  Now, imagine fitting a multiple course tasting for a truly lovely bride and groom into that schedule.  Yikes.  I literally couldn’t even plan for how smoothly and wonderfully everything went.  Fantastic food, check.  Three soccer victories, check.

Now, it’s time to unwind in some pj’s, snuggled up by a fire with a cup of peppermint white chocolate coffee and share with you some truly comforting comfort food.  Sam and I found an awesome recipe a bit ago from the Brown Eyed Baker.   Obviously, it looked crazy yummy…but we loved how few ingredients it required.  Coincidentally, we discovered this little treasure on the very night that Sam and I were trying to squeeze in two separate parties…ergo: we made a double and were super stars!


Ummmm….ok, I was a geek first off.  I totally donned Sam’s super chic onion goggles because I needed to chop up a good amount of onions…but I was way too lazy to bust out the processor.  Teehee

IMG_6819Here is the best part about this recipe, it requires just 5 ingredients: onion, cream cheese, mayo, Parmesan cheese and some black pepper.

IMG_6822Spoon it into an oven safe dish and bake at 350 for 45-55 minutes….until it gets a gorgeously golden top.

IMG_6825Yum!!  This is the ultimate in terms of comfort, especially for the brisk weather of this holiday season.  Give it a try and be a super hero at your next shin-dig!


Chanda & Sam

Sweet Onion & Parmesan Dip2