Savouring Saturday: Gazpacho

So, tomorrow is Easter and the feasting will begin.  The spreads of appetizers, baked ham, and scalloped potatoes will be delicious, but crazy rich.  We were already reeling from catering two events this weekend (aka being around a TON of delicious food), and knowing that the kitchen will be my abode for a good portion of the day tomorrow…..I decided to go light and fresh for this Savouring Saturday.  With the days getting longer and the thermostat getting a bit more friendly, I have started to crave one of my favorite summer treats: gazpacho!

Loaded with raw veggies and jam packed with bold flavor, this Spanish staple is an easy palate pleaser for sure.  The best is the fantastic simplicity in preparation….you don’t even have to touch the stove (an outstanding quality, especially in mid-summer when the temperatures tip the scales at 110F).  Here is an easy basic recipe that you can feel free to play around with a bit:

Grab you food processor……



Add one pound of tomatoes, 1 to 2 red bell peppers (I only had orange 🙁 but still worked), a cucumber, and a small red onion or sweet onion.  Now for some flavor punches!

20140416_175233I love to use two cloves of raw garlic and then a good splash of red wine vinegar.  (Don’t forget to season with salt and pepper as well…..raw veggies need a little lift from salt for flavor impact).

20140416_175832Add 1 cup of good olive oil and then whirl away!

20140416_17590220140416_182426Now stir in a hefty handful of ice cubes and let it rest in the fridge for a skosh.


In the meantime, I prepped a simple flatbread with some Trader Joe’s pizza crust……

20140416_183359A little olive oil and then a quick jaunt out to the garden for some fresh herbs (can you blame me? look how gorgeous my golden oregano looks!)

20140416_183454So, some fresh oregano and some smoked gouda….lookin’ gooooood.

20140416_183817Into the oven for some melty, golden magic while I prep some toppings for my gazpacho.  The best part of gazpacho is the toppings.  I love tiny diced cucumbers, red bell peppers, hard boiled egg and anchovy (ummmmm, don’t judge!)

This meal turned out beautiful AND delicious!  Perfect for eating al fresco.


Bon apetit!