Savouring Saturday: A Little Sweetness for Mother’s Day

I am a firm believer in what my kindergarten teacher instilled in me years, and YEARS ago: “Your mother loves a homemade gift made with love.”

Mother’s Day is a time to say thank you, to say I honor and love you for all the ways you have loved and sacrificed for me.  This year, I decided that a little something sweet would be a nice way to finish brunch tomorrow.  However, my mother is gluten intolerant and not huge on sugar.  So, I decided to go fresh and simple.  How do chocolate stuffed raspberries with a little Grand Marnier for drizzling sound?  I think these would be best with a chilled glass of champagne and some leisurely conversation in a garden…..

20140510_110959As with all gifts, presentation is a big part of the gift.  I decided to use this copper heart mold that I found at the thrift store yesterday.  And who could resist a tiny little glass bottle with a cork stopper for a splash of Grand Marnier?

20140510_11082120140510_110836All set and ready to stuff!  I love the simplicity of this idea!

20140510_110900Gifted with a sweet linen tea towel, I know that my mama will be delighted!

20140510_11232620140510_11234020140510_11233420140510_112350Maybe this little gift will get your juices revved for figuring out how to make tomorrow special with the little things.  Oh, and give a hug to your mom for me 😉  She deserves it!