San Luis Obispo Secret Nursery

Thrifty Thursday:

So Chanda Panda and I have been putting our heads together to think up some of our favorite thrifty finds in our local SLO area. Today we are going to share just one of our secret thrifty hot spots, and more to come!!

I discovered this little hidden gem about three years ago when my older brother used to live in SLO in an apartment complex. The first time I cam to visit him I thought it was kind of odd they had so many eclectic potted plants in their parking lot- and then it hit me- it was a nursery!! SCORE. My plant senses were tingling and I was ready to roam for some new treasures. Since then this has always been a regular stop for me when I am seeking some new color for my garden. The guy that owns the nursery is super sweet, and they always have a great selection for healthy mature plants- many natives!

They a have list on craigslist of all their current plants HERE.
4320 South Higuera
San Luis Obispo, Ca 93405t
2 blocks south of Trader Joes and Food for less

Open Mon-Sunday 9am-6pm

Did I mention it’s honors system? Pretty darn cool 🙂


Check out these awesome prices! Gotta love me some healthy thrifty plants 🙂


The plant nerds in us were definitely coming out..natives…succulents…annuals…herbs- oh my!



Always love the color on these kniphofia


And to be mindful of these drought days here in Cali be sure to stock up on your succulents…

Yep, we had some fun exploring….

nursery_in_san_luis_obispo_0208Chanda was especially loving the color on this New Zealand Tea Tree



I snagged another papyrus for my pond!!

nursery_in_san_luis_obispo_0217Oh happy day!!