Salvaged Wicker Basket Turned Planter

The weather is changing!!  And the Zest it Up blog is reflecting the warm weather.  AKA Sam and I have been busy in our yards.  I loved watching her front yard transformation, and I’m seriously enjoying my crate garden organizer!

Here is another project for getting my patio up to snuff for some major barbequing this summer!DSC_1956Just the other day, when scrounging through the GoodWill Outlet, I found this cute (and very solid) wicker basket (or maybe hamper).  Time to line the basket with a common, but handy kitchen trash bag.DSC_1957Once I filled her up with potting soil, I was ready for plants.DSC_1959DSC_1960DSC_1963DSC_1964Geraniums, kalanchoe, lamb’s ear and a hen n’ chick succulent…lots of texture and subtle color variations.  I can’t wait for them to fill in!  Now time to hide the trash bag 🙂DSC_1965After tucking it in, I layered on some moss….you can vary the look by using lanscape rocks, tumbled glass, or standard mulch…sky is the limit!DSC_1967This cutie has added some nice detail to my patio….things are starting to look good!  Phew!DSC_1968DSC_1972DSC_1971Remember to get outside and play in the dirt!  And remember, any vessel can make for a creative and really adorable planter.

Thanks for checking in!  We are having so much fun Zestin’ our yards!!


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    1. Hi Marly,

      Yes, you can totally poke holes, but then the wicker basket will rot pretty quickly. I have actually had a lot of luck with not poking holes. You just have to make sure that you do not water your plant as often (so that IT doesn’t rot). I have a cheap little moisture meter that I picked up from Ace Hardware that has helped with all my plants! I just jab the metal rod into the soil and the meter tells me if the plant needs water…it’s nice because it goes a little deeper than just using your finger to check the soil.


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