Rustic Wooden Shelf DIY

Howdy y’all! Apparently Chanda and I REALLY like to wood work before we are off to coordinate a wedding- bahah we are nerds! Last week we assembled a gorgeous bench (pics coming soon!) and then today we whipped out a shelf before out coordination day. But the good news is we were able to make Mr. Billy smile really big. He was very excited when he came home from work to a gorgeous new shelf in our bathroom. (AKA Sam was tired of seeing Billy’s toiletries all around the counter).

bathroom counter with stuff all over the counter The before, check out the chaos!!

four old fence boards laying on the ground

See this gorgeous wood we scored off the side of the road?? Time to zest!

a table saw cutting three boards into equal sizes depending on the space in your bathroom Cut your wood into three panels of equal size deepening upon your space. Now it’s time to measure an inch and a half past your back shelving width (this will be the height of your backing boards)

drilling the height piece into the three boards cut ealierNow time to make you “L” with your boards, be sure to pre-drill! All drilled together, score!

drilling another side to the shelf togetherNow for the other side, time to add the sides.

table saw cutting a piece of board into piecesCut your board in fourths…

boards being screwed together This piece will become your main source of structure for your center shelf. Next screw together the other side panel….

measuring the side of a board to make sure that it will be the right lengthAnd lastly the top panel, all coming together!!

the shelf all put together and hanging on the bathroom wall

Didn’t it turn out cute?? Oh Sorry billy- very masculine 🙂