Rustic Wooden Chaffing Boxes

Chanda and I are definitely putting that wood we found on the side of the road to use!! Did you see the shelf we built for Billy last week? This week we wanted to do a zest project for our catering area. We have seen cool wooden boxes that cover your chaffing dish legs before, but it wasn’t until we found this awesome wood that we really connected the dots and knew just what to do!!

Chaffing Box and planks of boards on the groundFirst measure your chaffing dish and cut your boards accordingly

pieces of the boards are being measured to the lengths of the chaffing boxStart to assemble your boxes, be sure to pre-drill to make life easier!!

all four pieces of the plank boards drilled together and laying on the groundWahoo they are all built! Not time to add a coat of polyurethane for the finished look/protection.

before picture of the chaffing dish by itself and then after with the wooden box around the base of the chaffing boxGotta love that before and after!!

two chaffing boxes sitting on a table with the wooden boxes around each one

Whoop whoop- so easy and practical too. Not only does it make the chaffing dish much more attractive but the boards also protect the chaffing fuel from wind- score!