Rustic Firewood Storage Shed

Seasonal Sunday

As we really dive into winter that means it’s time to make more fires!! Yayyyy!! The only issue I keep running into with my fire making skills-wet wood! No bueno! So Billy and I set out to make a firewood shed that was sure to keep our toasty fires burning strong. Plus I absolutely love any chance I get to zest with Billy- I love doing project with him 🙂


First we measured out how big we wanted our shed to be and cut the wood with this all in mind…

Our base was 5 feet long and our 4 posts were measured so the front two were taller than the back two to create a slope for water to drain. The front posts were 4.5ft and the back posts were a 1/2 inch shorter.


Next we wanted to enclose the whole structure so we used old fence posts to make walls with a gap between each post….


Voila! Time to build the roof!


A pretty standard frame…


But of course we had to make it look good from the front too…


For the roof we used corrugated steel and cut the pieces by hand with metal cutting sheers


A quick staple gun on the roof…


wood holder_0000wood holder_0001wood holder_0002wood holder_0003

Time to get toasty by the fire!