Rustic Charm Wool Necklace

Whether you are a newbie to crochet, a genius with a hook, or have never played with yarn in your life…this necklace is a totally doable project to conquer!  I found the actual pattern listed in the freebies from Lion Brand Yarn (note that you will have to make a free account to view the actual pattern through the link, if you don’t have one…but it’s so worth it, as it allows you to peruse tons of free patterns for crochet and knit).



Crochet Needles

Back to the super cute necklace!

I started with a bulky yarn in a natural brown color, and the largest hook that I had at my disposal (and I/9).  The beauty of this necklace is that you can make it as long or as bulky as your designer eye desires.  Note: For the purpose of demystifying the reading of a pattern, I am writing out the name of the stitch and the abbreviation used in patterns within parentheses.  I am also linking easy “how-to” videos to reference for each stitch.

Basic Pattern for NECKLACE
*Chain 5 or more (see NOTE). Sl st into 2nd ch from hook, [yo and pull up a lp in same ch, yo and draw through 2 lps on hook] 9 times, yo and draw through all lps on hook; rep from * for desired length of Necklace. End with sl st in beginning ch. Fasten off.

Weave in ends.

Start by making 5 chain stitches (5 ch)


Now, do a slip stitch (sl) in the second chain from the hook.


Now for the “tricky” part!  Yarn over (yo)


Then stick your hook into the same chain and use the hook to catch the yarn and pull up a new loop (lp)


Yarn over again and pull it through two of the loops (lps) that are on your hook.  Now you have two loops on your hook.


Now, repeat this nine times, until you have 10 of loops on your hook.

After you have completed the steps nine times, yarn over (yo) and draw through all the loops on your hook. Now you have only one loop on your hook 🙂


One bobble completed 🙂


Repeat the whole process until the necklace measures the length you want. Now, slip stitch (sl st) into your beginning chain to complete the circle.

Fasten off and weave in the ends.





Give it a try and add some rustic charm to your wardrobe!