Rosemary Lamb Shish Kabobs

Savouring Saturdays

Get ready, y’all!  This one is a good one!  Seriously!  After making it in the test kitchen, we all devoured it with such tenacity that we fell into a carnivorous coma.  Yikes, it is dangerously good!  Haha!!

In all seriousness, with the number of special meals increasing over this holiday season, I figured you might want a fun twist on the same old traditional feasts.  This little gem is just that!  If lamb is a new experience for you, this is a quick way to enjoy all it’s succulent flavor with a casual ease.  This is the type of meal that you can throw together with friends in the kitchen, laughing and chatting over a glass of wine.  It is such a perfect California celebration of the holidays.  Even the rosemary feels festive coupled with the cheery citrus.

rosemary lamb shishkabobs_0000

Rosemary Lamb Shish Kabob

1/2 cup of Mimosa vinegar, or a citrus champagne vinegar

1/2 cup olive oil

1/4 cup mint, minced

1/4 cup rosemary, minced

2 jalapenos, minced

zest of 3 cuties or tangerines

juice of 1 cutie

Salt & pepper generously

1 boneless leg of lamb roast

rosemary branches, for skewers

chevre (soft goat cheese),  for garnish

rosemary lamb shishkabobs_0001

First step is to prepare the marinade for my gorgeous leg of lamb.  Chop the mint and rosemary, placing them into baking dish or bowl.

rosemary lamb shishkabobs_0002

Glug, glug.  Add in the olive oil and mimosa vinegar.

rosemary lamb shishkabobs_0003

Sue me!  I just had to grab a red jalapeno from the garden for this dish.  Obviously, a green jalapeno works just fine….I just wanted my red & green!

rosemary lamb shishkabobs_0004

Use however much or little of the jalapeno’s ribs and seeds.  Just remember that the more of the seeds you include, the higher the peak you reach.

rosemary lamb shishkabobs_0005

With the zest and juice of my cuties added, it was just a matter of seasoning with salt and pepper.

rosemary lamb shishkabobs_0006

Time to play butcher.  Since I bought a boneless leg, the meat had already been sliced off of the leg bone.  So, it was just a matter of freeing the roast from the netting and slicing it into the one inch cubes that I wanted to BBQ.

rosemary lamb shishkabobs_0007

Work the cubes into the marinade, let them grab up as much flavor as possible.  Let it marinate for a bare minimum of thirty minutes in the fridge.  However, you can let these meat cubes soak for overnight if you wanted!

rosemary lamb shishkabobs_0008

Time to prep my skewers!

All I did was prune some branches and removed 75% of the leaves.  The idea is to use the branches as my skewer rods so that the warmed wood will be an aromatic for the lamb.

rosemary lamb shishkabobs_0009

After marinating for about 40 minutes, I was ready to get these bad boys on the BBQ.  Grabbing a stick, I simply skewered on a decent sized portion of the tempting lamb.

rosemary lamb shishkabobs_0010

I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing things started to smell once those skewers hit the grill!

rosemary lamb shishkabobs_0011rosemary lamb shishkabobs_0012

Sear the lamb on all sides.  Lamb is delicious served medium rare, so watch that you do not overcook these lovelies.

When the skewers are ready to come off the fire, garnish them with some fresh chevre (aka goat cheese).

rosemary lamb shishkabobs_0013

Medium rare, juicy and perfect!

rosemary lamb shishkabobs_0014

I think this may be my new favorite for when I get a hankering for some carnage.  Hope this one tempts you into trying something new for your celebrations!