River Rock Jewelry Holder

I am a sucker for all things nature, so with that any opportunity I get to bring the outdoors inside- I take it!! Maybe even a bit too much, Billy is constantly saying I have too many house plants- oops! Let’s face it I am just happy they are still alive and thriving. But whether it’s a plant or even some sticks or pinecones, I have tidbits of nature all around my house and it makes me smile. Makes me feel more at home I guess 🙂 Which is why I am excited about this super easy project that incorporates gorgeous river rocks and organization- two wonderful things in my book!!


 supplies to make river rock jewelry holder

Got your rocks and command strips?

one side of the command strip stuck to the river rock Attach your command strips, sticky side up and ready to stick to the wall…Cut off the tabs (they are meant for removing later but I didn’t want them to show)

peel back the other side of the river rock Time to peel back and stick to the wall…

river rocks stuck to the wall Attach to the wall, you can make a fun pattern and play around with size…

river rocks with necklaces hanging on them There you have it! So fun and THRIFTY!