Reusable Eco Friendly Bamboo Straws

Maybe it has to do with the fascination I have with boba drinks and their satisfyingly cartoonish straws, or perhaps it is a deeply seeded desire to look at things with the eyes of repurposing and making new.  I don’t really care what the prompting happened to be, but the reality is that for some reason, I saw bamboo garden stakes and immediately thought, “Hey, these will make great reusable straws!”

Weird? Maybe.

However, when a project works out effortlessly, I venture to say “genius!” rather than “weird.” LOL

This DIY project is ridiculously easy, but counts as a little way of doing “your part” in making things a tad bit more eco-friendly in your home.  With straws practically banned in California, this project will have you very much on trend…responsible…green…errr… whatever you want to call it.


skinny bamboo garden stakes (bamboo not grass reeds) from the 99C Store

a chop-saw or sharp hand-saw

an electric sander or just a sanding pad to sand by hand

maybe some soap and hot water…I love Mrs. Meyers!

I cut my stakes to be 8″, because I love to use them for my smoothies.   The most important note is that you have to cut the straw on the inside of the “knuckles” of the bamboo segments. Basically, the entire reed of bamboo is hollow and perfect for some straw action, other than the segmented “knuckles” which are walled up.

Once they were cut, I used the sander to smooth and round-out the edges of the ends of my new straws.  You could easily take it a step further and sand the entire straw (I bypassed that extra labor because I felt like the smooth exterior of the bamboo was sleek enough for a straw).

Now, I just need to get some bobas for my protein shakes!

Happy crafting, my eco-savvy friends!

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