Retro Strainer Planter

Happy Saturday, everyone!  We had a glorious day of sunshine and soccer….and in the midst of shuffling and basking, I found some time to putter, so I thought I’d share.  I found this awesome retro red strainer at the Goodwill Outlet a while ago and just had to grab it…who could resist this color??

It was pretty rusted out on the bottom, so I headed to the garden with it.

So, I gathered my supplies and attacked it with my old plastic shopping bag trick (to keep the water inside with the soil and not flowing out of my cute strainer holes).

I decided that I would keep in the theme and go for a kitchen plant.  This happy basil plant was muy perfecto!  I mean, doesn’t this red strainer scream spaghetti and meatballs??

First step was to tuck in my plastic bag.

In with the potting soil and plant…just remember to tuck the edges of your plastic bag beneath the soil line just a scosh….no revealing your underlining 🙂

Whoops…looks like my bag is showing…gotta run to the store tomorrow for a tad more soil.  Regardless, my strainer is a super cute planter destined for my outdoor table (gotta get some sunshine for this happy basil plant).

I love unusual planters!  I’d love to see some of your ideas, too!  Oh, and have fun Zesting in the garden this weekend!