Retro Retreat Trailer Decor Inspiration

Billy and I have always talked about how fun it would be to have a BnB when we retire one day and just constantly meet and host new people…can you tell we are “people people?” haha But heck why not start now, right? We have nothing better to do? HA! (in case you didn’t know we currently have a 6 week year old!!) I guess that’s just how we roll and thrive, constantly “doing” and constantly a full plate! Not going to lie, it energizes me in a weird way. Anywho…. we decided to jump on the Airbnb bandwagon that is flipping how we all travel upside down, creating home away from home in someone else’s home! My friends, I introduce to you the Retro Retreat. Billy and I started renting out our little retro trailer a few months ago and have had a lot of fun meeting new people from all around the world. We love where we live and we love that we get to share a little piece of our haven with them.

When we first chatted about wanting to rent out our trailer I immediately jumped on Pinterest to start getting inspiration on how I wanted to decorate this little Retro Retreat. To be honest, I couldn’t find too much! Yes there were some great organizational tips and some cute “glamping” quotes, but I struggled! Hence why I wanted to share some pics of our little camper today, maybe you are about to embark on a similar adventure and need some inspiration?

Our little camper consists of a lot of wood as well as some fun retro checkerboard flooring. With those two unchangeable design elements I knew I wanted to bring some color and pattern to the table when it came to decor. Of course I hit up Target for some necessities but I also found some goodies at Thrift stores. I mixed in some camper dishware with grey and red linens for that classic lumberjack camper vibe.

It’s easy to get carried away with decor, but the other factor our guests always mention in reviews are all the amenities that we have stocked! From a simple basket of fruit and yogurt/coffee to shampoo/conditioner and board games! I simply walked around the trailer thinking about all the needs or wants I would have if I stayed there and then tried to meet them all! Now we are a Superhost- wahoo!!

We love our little camper and have had a lot of fun hosting, so much so that sometimes Billy and I find ourselves a bit jealous- we want to getaway with the trailer more! I guess we could always camp in our lot! haha!

We have plans to eventually build a deck and hang twinkle lights, but until then…
Happy Glamping!