Renovated Dresser turns shabby chic

When I went to San Diego to visit my family, I couldn’t help but Zest Up the extra bedroom my husband and I stay in, I knew one of the biggest ways to transform a room is with the wall color and furniture- so lets get started! Ugh- hold up, you see this dresser below? Pretty Gaudy huh? My parents got this as one of their first pieces of wedding furniture (oh how styles/time have changed) so I didn’t want to completely get rid of it-one since it has sentimental value and two because that’s not what we do- we take the old and make it new!

So yes, here is the before- say goodbye to those handles….

Thats right- puddy up those holes because they got a new look coming….

Sand away….next I didn’t take a picture but painted the entire piece a cream tan, and then use my good old Annie Sloan Furniture Wax and some more sanding to give the finishing touches….

What a transformation right? Stay tuned to zestin for the rest of the room transformation!!

Happy Sunday!