Refinished Table and Shou Sugi Ban

This was the original refinish job that I did on my coffee table.  You can check out the makeover here.


Not that I did not like my own work or anything, but I am extremely prone to decorating my house.  I guess that is one of the things that makes me a Zest it Up girl! 🙂

My first step was to sand off all the wax and paint.  I was more than done with red in my house, and I was hankering to do some more Shou Sugi Ban: the Japanese art of burning wood for a unique finish.


With the tabletop surface shaping up exactly as I imagined, you will see that I decided to even recoat the metal frame with some cool textured metallic spray paint, as well.  I wanted an entirely new look!Refinished_burned_wood_coffee_table_1098Refinished_burned_wood_coffee_table_1100Refinished_burned_wood_coffee_table_1099 Since I have three kids and a husband who can be a tad rough on furniture,  I decided to use Spar Varnish on my coffee table.  Honestly, I am a bigger fan of using a clear, soft wax on a Shou Sugi Ban surface, but I needed a truly water resistant surface that would stand up to countless spills and sweating glasses (ummm I do own coasters, but habits are habits I am afraid 😉 ).Refinished_burned_wood_coffee_table_1101Refinished_burned_wood_coffee_table_1094Refinished_burned_wood_coffee_table_1096

I am pretty happy with the results!