Recycled Soda Can Lid Bracelet

As we busily prep for the SLO Wedding photo shoot today, I find myself looking around the house for new but old materials. Materials that are just calling my name to serve a new purpose- time to bust out the recycles container! I got my fare share of soda can tops from a garage sale knowing I would use them one day….now it’s time to Zest away!


  • Soda lis tops (amount varies based on size of bracelet but need about 15)
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

IMG_4102IMG_4106Step 1: Make a loop in lid with ribbon, make loop big enough to use as tie off for end of bracelet later.

IMG_4107Step 2: Take another lid and overlap the two holes so that they cross over each other. IMG_4108Step 3: Take the ribbon and pull through both lids and both holes so they are attached like so.

IMG_4109It should look like this (above picture)

IMG_4110Step 4: Pull the ribbon back upward through the open holes.

IMG_4110Step 5: Repeat again (so grab another lid, overlap, run ribbon through both holes)


IMG_4112Notice the pattern developing? keep this up until you have the length long enough to cover you wrist with your bracelet.

IMG_4105 IMG_4103Pretty Snazzy eh?? Tiffany’s ain’t got nohtin on these bad boys! Ha. These will add a fun DIY recycle feel to our SLO Wedding photo shoot today. Bridesmaids will sport these with all the latest  thrift store fashion while they prance around barefoot in an avocado orchard. Can’t get much better than that 🙂