Recycle Old Canvas Art with New Chic Fabric

So most of my family is pretty artistic and I try to keep up with them- therefore I took a painting class while in college. Yaaaaaaaa- not sure if painting still life is my forte, but I can say I had fun and it was a much needed break in my day to get away from my computer! Anyways, here I am left with canvas that I don’t want to paint over necessarily, but don’t want to hang in my home, but also don’t want to sit in my garage and collect dust (or annoy my dear husband- haha). SO what’s the solution- simple! cover them in fabric. I am helping my parents re-design and decorate their spare bedroom (post coming soon on some more awesome projects from this remodel). The color scheme is burnt orange, lime green, and a cream. You see what I mean? hahah Don’t really want to write home about these paintings- hehe. Lets first measure out the fabric to make sure we have enough!

Make sure there is enough to at least have 1″ to 2″ to wrap over edge for stapling later.

I decided to make two canvas- have each one have a criss cross of the opposite fabric so they compliment each other- you feelin me?

Bust out that sewing machine- but be sure to measure and make them straight!!Also, now is the time to iron all your wrinkles out before getting your staple gun.

Now grab your staple gun- but don’t get too staple happy yet. LEARN FROM ME- I started going for it and had to remove a bunch because although I was doing a superb job at making the canvas nice and taught with no sag, I did not make the criss cross very straight! I suggest after the first few (and very important staples) flip the canvas over and make sure the criss cross is straight. If you are adding other embellishments (leaves, heart, etc. probably doesn’t matter as much to be straight)

Imagine wrapping a present- we want clean corners! No wrinkles!

Turned out pretty cute right? So rethink those ugly canvas you see at garage sales or thrift stores. For fabric- maybe use old sheets? Table cloths? Add some fun buttons, patches, ribbon roses? You will be a true picasso! Cant wait to see!
Sam 🙂