Real Branch Cat Tree & Scratcher

Find & Fix it Friday

Last Spring, I surprised my hubby with a little siamese kitten gifted to me by a local ranch/wedding venue owner.  I could not resist when I saw his tiny little adorable kitty face!  Now that he is grown up, I figured he might enjoy a little jungle gym just for him.  So, Sam and I went out for a walk to find something to play with.
tree branch cat post_0127I was pretty stoked when I found an insanely large branch just a couple of blocks away.tree branch cat post_0128It was so huge that we needed to do a bit o’ trimming.  No gardening tools?  No problem!tree branch cat post_0129Time to make the trek back and see if I can transform this into a kitty tree.  Miracles can happen!tree branch cat post_0130First step was to cut the branch down to size!  I am not blessed with 20 foot ceilings, so I had to shrink the branch down to about 7 feet.

tree branch cat post_0132Next, it was time to shed the bark.  I found that a simple rasp worked beautifully for scraping and lifting the loose bark clean off of the branch.
tree branch cat post_0131Once the bark was removed, I sanded it down smooth.tree branch cat post_0134Time to create a base!  I used some scrap 4″ X 4″ posts to create some weight and balance.
tree branch cat post_0133Chopping them down to size, I tried to maintain a center opening that matched the diameter of the branch base.
tree branch cat post_0135tree branch cat post_0136
tree branch cat post_0138Gonna hold my breath here….will it fit????tree branch cat post_0139Sigh of relief!!!!tree branch cat post_0140I decided to use some simple L brackets to stabilize the branch.  Don’t worry!  I will figure out a way to disguise that!tree branch cat post_0141Grabbing some more L brackets and some basic bamboo cutting boards from the dollar store, I created some climbing perches for Cinder to hang out on.tree branch cat post_0142Last, but not least, I used some sisal rope to hide my L brackets and give Cinder a nice place to sharpen his claws.  I think I may rub the rope down with some catnip to get the habit started!tree branch cat post_0143

Just wind the rope around the branch and secure with a hammer and nails.  If you want it to feel super secure, use some wood glue, as well.

cat tree_0000

With the addition of a basket that I screwed down to one of the cutting boards, the cat tree feels done.  Time to let Cinder explore!

cat tree_0001cat tree_0002

Here kitty, kitty…..