Railroad Spike Coat Rack

So, Sam has a knack for picking up railroad spikes when she goes on walks.  Basically, the little junker can’t walk by a renegade spike without picking it up (kinda like those peeps who collect tennis balls or golf balls on their walks in the park).  She loves them and knows that we can always do something with them…so we decided to bust out this super easy and ridiculously cute project for you guys to see!

The first step, of course, was to sand some of the rust off.  After all, rust is cute, but rusty hands are awful.


Seriously yuck!


Fortunately, we had some really great pieces of wood from all of our salvaging that we have done.  The wood I used had been a support piece for an old Adirondack chair, so it had cool notches, rounded edges and a tiny bit of wood rot that gave it character.  The first step was to smooth it out and give it a nice coat of polyurethane.  Then it was all about measuring.  I decided that I wanted to use four spikes for my coat-rack….so I penciled in a straight line and then measured where they would go.  Easy math!


Ok, here was the only surprise about this project…..majorly ringing ears.  I am totally going to bust out a couple more of these because people love them, but next time I will be using serious earplugs.  Ouch!!


The spikes did hammer in easily, but because I wasn’t confident in their staying power, I glued them in place with some Gorilla Glue….always better safe, than sorry, right?

The very last step was to coat the spikes in polyurethane, cuz handing a guest their coat with rust stains would just be guache (I know MY mama wouldn’t be proud).


Ohhh la la, right?  This one was picked up quickly at the Morro Bay Street Fair last weekend….gotta make more.  And, hey, if you develop a fetish for collecting old spikes, then give is a whack…literally! 🙂


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