Quick Vegan Lettuce Wraps

Savouring Saturday

I adore bold flavors, but I am not one for ground up innards and random animal parts.  I guess that is how I discovered soyrizo.  As a lover of paprika and spices, I always wanted to gravitate towards chorizo for it’s fabulous flavor….but I would always cringe at the knowledge of what was actually in chorizo.  In theory, I totally commend not wasting any part of the animal.  However, down deep I guess I am all American and would rather just bypass the odd bits of cartilage in my everyday diet.  So, when I saw soyrizo in the supermarket a few years back, I just had to give it a shot.  All the flavor of chorizo, but made from plant matter??  Sign me up!  Better for your heart and the bonus is that my kids and hubby fell in love with it.  I adore scrambling it up in eggs for breakfast burritos, but this little snack is straight forward, quick, and yummy.



1 package of soyrizo

1 head of butter lettuce

1 avocado

4 scallions


Cooking soyrizo could not be easier!  It comes in a long skinny tube that you simply cut open and squeeze out into a hot skillet coated in olive oil.  I love this product because it crisps up nicely, not too far off from the real deal.


Feel free to add whatever you want to your soyrizo.  I chose to keep it simple with just some scallions, but the flavor of soyrizo does not need tampering with…it is pretty much all set for being delicious once you crisp it up.


For a condiment, I decided to keep it California fresh.  Besides, a vegan snack is just begging to be Californian! Lol

Since simple and healthy is my goal here, I just gave the avocado a sprinkle of sea salt and a squeeze of fresh lime…a perfect accompaniment to the paprika-laced soyrizo.


Once your soyrizo and scallions are crisped up, just load up some lettuce leaves and serve them with a pile of fresh limes.


So dang good, and ready in like 10 minutes!  You cannot beat that!


Here is to no excuses!

You can be easily be healthy with foods that pack major flavor punches!  Sometimes, you just have to think outside of the box!