Quick Strawberry Mousse with a Chocolate “I Love You”

Savouring Saturday

Happy Valentine’s Day weekend!  Have you got trips to the beach for mimosas planned, or hikes and a picnic planned?  Or are you keeping things chill at home?  I think my favorite is to be outside and active all day, and then come home for a quiet dinner.  That is time well spent in my book!

In honor of my ideal, I figured that I would share a quick and easy way to look like a rock star in the kitchen.  This dessert is super yummy while being criminally quick and easy.  It’s a slightly different take on strawberries and cream.  The best part is playing with chocolate.  With the help of a microwave, you can easily turn a basic dessert into something worthy of a Valentine’s Day celebration.
strawberry mousse valentines_0002

Quick Strawberry Mousse

1 pint of strawberries

1/4-1/2 cup of sugar

1 pint of heavy whipping cream

chocolate garnish:

1 cup of chocolate chips or chopped chocolate 

strawberry mousse valentines_0003Whirl together the fresh strawberries and sugar until you have a smooth puree.strawberry mousse valentines_0004You can stop here with the strawberries, or you can thicken them by cooking them in a heavy bottomed pot until your strawberry mixture reduces a bit.  Actually, if you are looking for a slightly more complex flavor, it tastes amazing when you carmelize them a bit.  The flavor in the end product is surprisingly addictive (go figure, I found that out from almost burning my strawberries the first time 😉 ).

While the strawberries cool (in the fridge), grab your chocolate and head to the microwave.strawberry mousse valentines_0005Once it is melted (about 20 seconds), write some sweet sayings with a marker on some wax paper.  strawberry mousse valentines_0006Flip it upside down and then scrap your melted chocolate into a Ziplock baggie.strawberry mousse valentines_0007strawberry mousse valentines_0008Snip the tip of one of the corners and begin to trace all your sweet notes.strawberry mousse valentines_0009strawberry mousse valentines_0010While the strawberries are cooling and the chocolate sets, start whipping up your heavy cream.strawberry mousse valentines_0011Combine a tablespoon or two sugar with the cream as it whips.strawberry mousse valentines_0012So simple and so goooood!

Now fold the cooled strawberries into the whipped cream.

strawberry mousse valentines_0015

Scrapping the “mouse” into a gallon bag will let you cleanly pipe it into some cute dishes.

strawberry mousse valentines_0016strawberry mousse valentines_0017The last step is the chocolate.  Gently peel the chocolate off of the waxed paper.strawberry mousse valentines_0013Gahhhh these turned out soooo cute!!strawberry mousse valentines_0014strawberry mousse valentines_0018strawberry mousse valentines_0019strawberry mousse valentines_0020

Too precious!  I hope you are feeling like you can conquer the world right now….or at least dessert.

Enjoy it with a nice port and some candlelight.  So sweet.

Happy Valentine’s Day!