Propagating Lavender is Easy!

Thrifty Thursday

Sam and I are big fans of making something out of nothing.  It’s how we approach life, food and design.  Even our company was founded on this principle.  So, it’s not hard to imagine that these self-proclaimed “plant ladies” are ever so keen on the growing notion of creating a garden from “nothing.”  Have you ever tried planting your kitchen scraps?  This actually works, friends.  Just google it!  Celery, potatoes, pineapple, you name it!  Who could resist lightening their trash load and increasing their bounty???  Especially when it is practically effortless.

replanting herbs_0000

Be looking for more posts in the near future that will give you some thrifty pointers on becoming a masterful propagator.  However, today I am not touching kitchen scraps.  Instead, I am messing around with one of my fav herbs: lavender.  This is such a cinch guys, and you can turn one plant into hundreds, if you were so inclined!

replanting herbs_0001

Simply grab a piece of new growth were it is connected to a “mother” stem, and pull downward.  The pulling downward is the most important step! That piece of stringy bit at the bottom is technically called a heel, and that is going to be the source of new roots for you.

replanting herbs_0002

This is stupid easy, seriously.  No fancy rooting hormone powder is even required!  Simply bury your “heels” in some clean potting soil, water generously, and then create a greenhouse with a gallon sized ziplock that you just slip over the top.  That’s it!

replanting herbs_0003

I use a pot without a hole because I do not want things to dry out.  Place the pot outside in a shady spot and  give it a breather by taking the bag off for 10 minutes everyday or two.  It’s not a regiment, just when you go out to water your other pots or something.  If the soil looks dry at all, give it a little drink.

After about a week or so, you will notice that your babies look healthy and may even start a little bit of new growth for you.  I like to leave mine in place for nearly a month, just to make sure the new roots have a chance to grow and strengthen before I shock them with a transplant into a new pot.

replanting herbs_0004

Check out that baby root system!  I’m a proud mama!!

replanting herbs_0005

Time to get planting!  I like to transfer each baby into a pot of their own with some more clean potting soil. I figure that it is less stressful on the plants than trying to pop them into the ground at this tender age.  Soon I will have so much lavender that I will have to start gifting my fav herb to my fav peeps!

Happy gardening and growing!