Prickly Pear Juice

Savouring Saturday

I always love smoothies or juicing, so when Chanda showed up with a  prickly pear I was all in to try a new experiment. I don’t recall the last time I had prickly pear, maybe it was a margarita at Fish Guacho? MMMmm that sounds yummy. But I can reassure you this little creation was yummy and gorgeous!! What’s a prickly pear? They are the fruit you will find on cactus! Why would I want to eat one?  They are a great source of dietary fiber, vitamin c and magnesium. Aaaand they are pretty tasty and pretty to boot. I did a combo with prickly pear, pears and agave. You could always add some ice and tequila to make this recipe a fun cocktail! Let’s get juicing!

pear and prickly pear juice_0072Start by slicing up all your fruit, love that color!!pear and prickly pear juice_0073

Next it’s time to juice!pear and prickly pear juice_0074pear and prickly pear juice_0075

Add all your fruit…pear and prickly pear juice_0076

And then about a tablespoon agave…

pear and prickly pear juice_0077

It has a “slime” effect that is kind of different due to the cactus….

pear and prickly pear juice_0078

But boy did it taste good served over ice….

pear and prickly pear juice_0079Even the kiddos approved!!
pear and prickly pear juice_0080