Popcorn Bar Sign For Backyard Parties

Seasonal Sunday

Obviously, we are in the business of making things cute.  We love creating vignettes for parties and weddings that inspire fun and look beautiful.  Our favorite creations usually involve some level of repurposing and making old things useful again.  So, for today’s Seasonal Sunday, we wanted to share this cute little project that could inspire you to get repurposing for some backyard party fun!  Who doesn’t like a popcorn bar, right?

popcorn bar sign_0000


old wine barrel lid (or you can make some scrap wood work, too!)

wood glue


scrap wood for kickstand

screwdriver & screws

Sharpie paint pen

popcorn bar sign_0001popcorn bar sign_0002

Since my wine barrel lid was soooo bad, I used wood glue to strengthen things up.  I may even use a thin piece of wood and screws to strengthen everything on the back.  If you are using just fun pieces of scrap wood, then screwing the pieces to a back support piece is definitely the way to go!

popcorn bar sign_0003

Obviously, if you are not as impatient as myself, you would wait for the glue to dry….but I am not that girl!  Time to use the hinge and attach a kickstand.

popcorn bar sign_0004popcorn bar sign_0005popcorn bar sign_0006popcorn bar sign_0007

Time to scribe.  You can eyeball fonts like I did here, or you can trace some fonts that you print out.  When using the paint pens on raw wood, don’t be alarmed that it might take a couple of coats to be legible.  The paint will really soak into the wood for the first coat, for sure.

popcorn bar sign_0008

Not bad for a pretty darn quick project!

popcorn bar sign_0009popcorn bar sign_0010popcorn bar sign_0011

As you can see, there are all sorts of ways to have fun with display for your popcorn bar.  Use paper bags, fun striped popcorn containers, shakers with seasonings, anything goes!  This bar was done for our “Sparkles & Spurs” party, so we added a touch of bling…but all the way rustic for a backyard party would be a blast!

Time for a projection screen and some backyard fun!