Plant your own Avocado plant from a seed

Thrifty Thursday

Us Cali girls love our avocados- we can’t get enough!! Both Chanda and I grew up with an avocado tree in our backyard so we are missing the convenience factor of strolling out into the backyard for our fix. But not for long!! Did you know how easy it is to grow an avocado tree?? And also how thrifty it can be? Simply make some guacamole and don’t throw those pit’s out!! Grab some toothpicks and a jar of water and then take a dose of patience…

avocado tree_0000

Stab four toothpicks into the avocado seed to to hold the seed just above the water line…

avocado tree_0001

Let your seed float about an inch in the water and place near a window sill for light- within a few weeks you should have a new friend….be sure to keep refilling water as it evaporates.

avocado tree_0002

Voila! Look at those gorgeous roots and leaves!!

avocado tree_0003

Time to pot it up- I am going to keep mine indoors for a few months as we enter the colder season here. Then I can baby my little plant a bit more.

avocado tree_0004

I can’t wait for the first avocado- stay tuned!!