Plant Dyed Wooden Baby Rattle

There is something magical when people come together in creativity and learning. It is like a natural high for me! It’s like a spiral effect. What starts as one good idea gets built-on and developed through the camaraderie and creative community. I guess that is one of the many reasons I LOVE our workshops! It’s a bunch of people brought together because of similar interests and passions.
Such is the case with this little project. I was so inspired by our Plant Dyeing Workshop, that I wanted to play with wood finishes, too. Guess what? It worked out more than great! I decided to make little Ryker an uber natural wooden rattle using beets and turmeric to liven it up with some fun color. This is a project that whips up super easy and fast. I kinda what to make a zillion of ’em.

3 cabone rings, 2″ in diameter
1/2″ dowel, cut to 7″ in length
2 wooden dowel caps, 1 1/2″ diameter
White waterproof Gorilla Glue
1 tbls turmeric
1 beetroot

Using just some water and a paintbrush, I worked the turmeric powder into a paste and thickly coated the first wood cabone ring. I let it sit for a while to soak in, as I began rubbing the second cabone ring with some freshly cut beetroot.

The dowel caps that I linked above in the supply list actually has a 1/2″ hole for the dowel already in place. However, mine did not…so I had to use my drill to get the job done.

Then it was just a matter of using the white Gorilla Glue to hold the dowel in place. I love this glue because it is completely waterproof! Making the rattle totally drool-proof and wash-proof!

Before adding my three cabone rings to my dowel, I gave them a good rinse with Castille Soap.

Once the glue has set, you can use either beeswax or sunflower oil to “seal” the wood in preparation for all the baby drool that is coming this toy’s way!
In the past, I have had a lot of success using some pure lavender essential oils on the wood, as well. The benefit is that lavender is both soothing AND great at helping with teething pain. Gotta love a toy that amuses and soothes at the same time!

Hahaha, this is a picture of Ryker at like 2 weeks old….and the rattle is looking’ a little bigger than half his body! LOL. Just give it 5 more months and this is going to be a match made in heaven!

Cheers to getting creative and living life with natural beauty! I hope this little project benefits some of the little ones in your life.