Pinnacles National Park

What’s Up Wednesday

What’s Up you ask? Well we finally had a weekend off- whoop whoop!! That’s the good news, the bad news? Poor Chanda was sick in bed- sad day!!! With that said you probably don’t really want to hear about her weekend of sickness- SO lame!! But I on the other hand managed to slip away for a little camping day trip to Pinnacles with the hubby. Have you been there? It’s so incredibly close and oh so scenic!! Although I do suggest going on a cooler day- it can get pretty warm since there is not a ton of overhead coverage. I would say Pinnacles is most popular in the cooler winter months, which is unusual for being a national park. During the spring you can’t go wrong with the wildflowers and water in the canyon too. Overall its a pretty amazing place that is even home to the CA Condor- so fun!

Learn more here and to hear about the history go here!


Ready to hike, rock climb, watch and study wildlife, view wildflowers, and experience nature???

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We headed out to the West side to hike the balconies cave trail….



The trails are surrounded by Rhyolitic Breccia a very unique rock that combines volcanic and Sedimentary rock. These were formed as a result of volcanic activity that occurred millions of years ago!


Thanks for hiking with us! Next time we will hit up the east side!!


Billy & Sam