Patriotic Fruit Wands

I love Memorial Day, Labor Day, and 4th of July food because it’s always a chance to play with our food to make fun patriotic masterpieces. Today does not fall short on the fun or yum factor. This would be a great kids’s party craft, not toooooo messy but so fun and yummy (plus healthy!!). I can see littles running all around the backyard yelling “abracadabra” with their patriotic red, white and blue wands! teee heee 🙂

patriotic fruit wands

wooden skewers
seedless watermelon
star shaped cookie cutter

cookie cutter watermelon

First slice your watermelon so that it is about 1″ thick. Then take your cookie cutter and cut out your stars.

skewer your blueberries

First start by skewering your blueberries…

Next grab that watermelon star you cut out earlier and stab the non-pointy flat end of the skewer into the watermelon. Then use the rest of your watermelon or an additional watermelon to stab all your wands into with the pointy end of the skewer. I used an empty skewer to make all the holes in the watermelon first so it would be easier to stab my fruit wands in with ease.

Happy red, white, & blue!