Painting fabric with water color touches

Hi lovelies!  Sam and I are beginning to prep for another gorgeous photo shoot this week at the dreamy Willow Gardens in Los Osos, California.  This is always a fun time, when we get to see some of our inspiration Pins start to develop and morph into strictly Zest it Up creations….from wedding dresses to wedding cakes and delicious dishes.  So much fun!

In honor of that creative process, I wanted to share with you a super simple creation that we did for our last shoot.  You may not be having a water color inspired wedding, but this awesome technique can be used to create a gorgeous back yard embellishment, a stand-out table cloth or a unique wall hanging…..ooooooooo or even a coverlet for your summer bed.

Step number one for this project…HEAD OUTSIDE.

20130714_194339I first selected some acrylic paints in hues that would compliment my overall design scheme, and then I added water to make the paint more like a thin wash.


Ummmm, it’s amazing how fast a crowd of kids can appear when an adult starts to play with paint and water 🙂20130714_194156Now for the fun!  I decided that I wanted to keep things simple with just a linear design…allowing the colors to take center stage.  So, after laying out a huge drop cloth from Home Depot out on the lawn, I started to paint with my “watercolors”.


Haha, and there is my biggest fan in her swimsuit, chompin’ on a huge It’s-It ice cream sandwich!  Mmmmm

20130714_194203The colors were having the perfect dreamy texture….I was so happy!

20130714_19422320130714_19445220130714_194417Once I was finished with my blue, violet, pink, yellow and green….it was time to let this very wet canvas dry overnight.  Then it was time to take it out to the beach for our soft watercolor inspired photo shoot!

20130716_20111120130716_201143Pretty gorgeous, right?  This is a limitless project!   What will you make?  Pillows? Area rugs? Room dividers?  Will you try an ombre, mono-color, primaries, earth tones?? Seriously!  Limitless!  Have some fun!!