Painted Modern Chair with Gold Foil

Find & Fix it Friday

Apparently, I am on a roll with thrifting this week!  I found these beauties at a garage sale and got ’em for a song!  I had been on a hunt for a pair of chairs to grace my front courtyard.  I loved the barrel shape of these cuties (ummm there are actually two of these, even though the pic does not show the pair).  The only thing that was not jiving with my personal taste was the shabby chic white paint and floral pattern.  Nothing that a little spray paint and attention couldn’t fix, so I was up for the challenge.  Time to turn these into a bright and cheerful pop of color for some curbside appeal!

re done blue chair_0000


needle nose pliers

wood filler & spatula

sandpaper (coarse & fine)

spray paint

gold foil

gold foil adhesive

soft, wide brush

clear coat spray paint (optional)

re done blue chair_0001

My first step was to remove the creatively placed floral pillows on my chairs.  I decided that a bit of wood putty would cover up the unfortunate holes and give my chair a much cleaner appearance.

re done blue chair_0002

Haha, I kinda love the take-charge, DIY approach that somebody obviously applied to attaching these cushions.  Long metal brads??  Why not?  Haha, I was super happy to see these go.

re done blue chair_0003re done blue chair_0004

Filling the holes and smoothing them out with the spatula, I left the putty to dry before I sanded and painted.  You do not want any moisture under your paint coat!

re done blue chair_0005re done blue chair_0006re done blue chair_0007

Since my chairs were destined for my front courtyard, I wanted to use Rustoleom’s Paint + Primer solution.  I figured that it would be super durable for outdoor use.

re done blue chair_0008re done blue chair_0009

Make sure that you create multiple, light layers of paint.  The result will be a lovely coverage without any yucky drips.  Give the paint time to dry between light layers.  I love the gloss finish of this aqua blue!

re done blue chair_0010

What a perfect pair!

blue chairs_0000

Now, time for a little fun.  With such a cheerful color, these chairs were begging for even more fun.  Enter my desire to play with gold foil.  Could I have simply sprayed the feet and some of the spindles gold?  Absolutely!  But, this awesome gold foil from Martha Stewart (readily available at Michael’s Craft Stores), was begging for some experimentation.  I had never done foil before, and the feather-light sheets of metal were just too tempting.  Besides, who could resist that almost peacock texture to this foil?

blue chairs_0001

I started by applying the adhesive to a small area at first.  Let it dry for a few seconds, until it becomes nice and tacky.

blue chairs_0002

Grab a piece of paper-backed foil, and get ready to carefully press it to the adhesive and give it a gentle rub.

blue chairs_0003blue chairs_0004blue chairs_0005

Since I was working with such skinny spindles, I found it easier to cut the foil down to size a bit.  As long as the foil is backed with the paper, it is easy to cut.

blue chairs_0006

Let the foil dry in place and then take a soft brush to gently brush away any loose pieces and to burnish the metal.

blue chairs_0007

The last step would be to give it a spray of clear coat to protect the foiling.  This is optional, but since these chairs will be outside, I figured a little extra protection is always welcome!

blue chairs_0008blue chairs_0009

I love how clean and cheery they turned out.  Some of my favorite design mixes opposites to create something new and fresh.  I am Ga-Ga over the traditional lines of these chairs and the very modern paint job.  Their final home will be with my low copper table in my courtyard.  Curb appeal? Check!