Our Chocolate Covered Vodka Cherries Got Featured!

What’s Up Wednesday:

Happy Almost Valentines!

This past week we were SO excited to not only get to enjoy the tastiest morsels ever…but to also have the recipe featured on The Sweetest Occasion!

Check out our recipe below if you are still in need of a special treat for Valentines! We absolutely adored and devoured these vodka soaked chocolate dipped cherries with shimmery gold sugar crystals. These cutie bites are SO easy to make and have such a glam-wow factor. Make these for your sugar, ladies, or even be a hero by bringing them into the office for an “of age” Valentine exchange. Beware these little treats are very addicting. I think we feel a new Valentines tradition coming on…

The Sweetest Occasion Zest it Up Cherries_0001


Chocolate Covered Vodka Cherries


– 1 container of cherries
– Dark Chocolate (10oz bag of chips or chocolate bar is fine)
– 2 Cups of your favorite Vodka
– A Vanilla Bean, sliced open

Optional: William Sonoma’s shimmery gold sugar crystals


– 2 medium sized glass bowls
– 1 small bowl
– spatula
– parchment paper
– thermometer (digital meat thermometer is easiest)
– Paper Towel
– microwave


Step 1

Place your cherries in a small bowl, keeping the stems intact and adding the vanilla bean. Pour the vodka over the cherries and vanilla bean til they are fully submerged and cover with plastic wrap. Refrigerate for 24 hours.


Step 2

Once the cherries have soaked long enough, place them on a paper towel to dry while you prep the chocolate.


Step 3

Place 2/3 of your chocolate in a microwave safe glass bowl. Microwave them at 30 second intervals until they are all melted. Stirring with a spatula in between.


Step 4

Taking your bowl of melted chocolate to the counter, add a handful of the remaining unmelted chocolate and stir. Keep adding the unmelted chocolate and stirring until you have brought your melted chocolate down to 82*F. This is very important if you want your chocolate to be beautiful and glossy.


Step 5

Taking the cherries by the stem, dip them into the chocolate, then into the shimmering sugar and place them on baking parchment to cool/dry.


Step 6

Package them up with some pretty flare, or serve them right away. You are guaranteed to start a few addictions with these little lovelies!


Let us know if you’re also hooked!


Chanda & Sam

Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton