Organizing with Upcycled Pickle Jars

Find & Fix it Friday:

It’s 2015!  Happy happy New Year!  Now, it’s time to push up our sleeves and start purging and organizing.

I have shown you some embarrassing pictures from my home kitchen before, so it should not be a HUGE surprise that this little caterer is always in need of organizing and reorganizing.  Life just moves too darn fast at times.  Excuses, excuses!  It’s 2015 and it is time to not pull the “I’m raising 3 kids and running a company” spiel.  It is time to clean and get things in order.


My solution looks like it came from a major pickle fetish.  All I can say is “I am a caterer,” remember?  And being a Zest it Up caterer means that when you find yourself in possession of large jars after an event, you must find a use for them other than the trash.


With the help of a little chalkboard spray paint and some chalkboard stickers from the $1 Store, I was easily able to transform a bunch of pickle jars into uniform storage for my dry goods (aka make my pantry look better with very little effort or money).

Yay for a quick organization project!


And “yay” to a pantry that will not embarrass me anymore!

Happy cleaning and organizing for 2015!