Organize your Accessories with Household Items

Something you may not know about me is that I LOVE to organize. Now listen, I am not a super neat freak OCD person- but I do love myself a color coded closet, labeled pantry, or boxes in the garage to at least have some labels slapped on them. I think it just boils down to being more efficient with space and time. With all that said, as much as I love to organize sometimes I just hate splurging to go buy bins and organizers or label makers. Here are two fun ways for you gals to organize your accessories with items you probably have sitting in your kitchen….

two cheese grattersYep just your ordinary cheese grater and roll of paper towels….
supplies needed: burlap, lace, string, and a roll of toilet paper Choose some fabric that can cover your entire roll of paper towels (a cute pillow case would even work fine) and then some raffia, ribbon, or lace to tie off! Scrunch ends like a present…
a burlap wrapped roll that has lace fabric tying the ends of it And voila….a cheese grater that has dangly earrings hanging from it burlap wrapped paper towel roll with hair accessories around it Tidy up those earrings and headbands with these simple kitchen supplies! That is one way to zest up your bathroom!