Organize Those Make up Brushes

Sam here, if you are anything like me getting ready in the morning can be a frantic rush from finding your car keys to feeding the dog (or kids, same thing right? ha)  and attempting to look decent for the day! Here is how I organize my make up brushes so I am not searching for the right size, they stay cleaner, and not to mention make a little art display for your counter.


Vessel- a vase? old can? crate? basket?

Fill- sand? beans? rice? beads? pebbles? seashells?

easy_makeup_brush_holder_0001¬†Simply find a fun vase, sand and some pebbles. You could use anything from seashells, to beads, to dried beans and rice to layer and make a colorful display for your brushes. There is no reason getting organized doesn’t have to be pretty- zest it up!!