Orange-Cranberry Greek Yogurt Cheese

Trendy Tuesday

Have you ever ventured down the path of cheese making?  I know, sounds intense right?  Sounds like food science happening right in your own kitchen.  For some of you, that sounds just plain ol’ scary.  Imagining something bubbling and growing on your countertop could very easily be the picture in your head!  But, when you love cheese like I do, you find whatever way that let’s you create delicious cheese with ease.  This process is so quick and simple that I have a feeling you may find yourself playing in the kitchen, as well.
cheese orange cranberry dip_0000Cranberry-Orange Greek Yogurt Cheese

1 large container of Greek yogurt

cheese cloth

1/4 cup cranberries, chopped

3 oranges, zested

1/4 – 1/2 tsp salt

mesh strainer

medium sized mixing bowl
cheese orange cranberry dip_0001If cheese cloth is new to you, no worries.  You can find it at the regular supermarket.  Fold it a couple of ply thick and layer it on top of a strainer that is rested above a bowl.  Now dump your Greek yogurt and let it sit in the fridge overnight.  The whey will separate out, leaving you with a lovely thick, spreadable cheese.  You can add the salt before dumping it into the sieve, or wait until it has drained overnight.

cheese dip_0000

Give a gentle squeeze to get rid of any extra whey.
cheese dip_0002

Obviously, this is a timing thing.  The yogurt needs the time to thicken.  When you are ready for flavor, chop up a 1/4 cup of cranberries and zest 3 oranges.cheese orange cranberry dip_0003After the Greek yogurt has sat overnight, the cheese will be the consistency of thick cream cheese.  You can toss the watery whey that will have collected in the bowl.  Now (if you haven’t already) add your salt. 1/4-1/2 teaspoon should do!  Then, simply mix in the zest and cranberries.cheese orange cranberry dip_0004

I, personally, love putting my mix back into the cheese cloth to give it a mesh print before placing onto a serving dish or bowl.  The longer this sits, the better the flavors get as the zest and cranberry flavors meld.  Keep it covered in the fridge for storage.cheese dip_0001
cheese dip_0003

Honestly, you cannot beat the flavor punch, the high protein, and the low fat combination of this cheese!  Paired with some seedy crackers, and I am in heaven!

So, have I inspired you to try your hate at some novice cheesemaking?  A new hobby may be emerging.

Bon apetit!