Olive Oil Earache Treatment

As the weather changes from wet and cold to sunny and warm, a lot of us may be succumbing to a slew of ailments.  It seems like everyone around me are dropping like flies.  Notes are coming home from school about exposure to strep and the like, and nearly everyone seems to be suffering from the cough that lingers for over a month.  Blah!  I hate it when our immune systems get stressed out enough to mess with our routines and slow down our lives.  It is just plain icky when you feel icky!!

Obviously, being a mom of three puts me in the driver’s seat when it comes to nursing and healing.  Bacteria and viruses make for miserable kids (and hubbies 🙂 ).  I have never been one to encourage massive sterilization (on the opposite side, I have encouraged my kids to play in the dirt so that their immune systems would be stronger).  However, I am a huge fan of natural oils with antiseptic abilities.  Decades ago, my mom got me hooked on holistic healing remedies, and I love the resources that she has given me for my own children.  In fact, my kiddos have never had an earache that has lasted for more than one night!  Kind of miraculous if you think about how many kids deal with chronic earaches and tubes.


I guess you can call me the mom over here at Zest it Up, because I am frequently compelled to share these tidbits of knowledge with Sam and all the lovely Zesties who work for us.  In fact, our assistant Kristi was suffering from a major infection just a few weeks ago when a sinus infection and plane trip worked together to cause her some serious pain.  When she came to work with meds in hand, I grabbed some olive oil and asked her to give it a try.  It was SO cool to see the relief happen instantaneously and the fluid begin to drain after about an hour.  She was one happy girl and so thankful to be able to avoid antibiotics!

The best part is that the technique is crazy simple!  And it comes straight from the kitchen cupboard.

All you need to fight massive pain and prolonged infection is some olive oil and a cotton ball.  The other awesome part about this holistic treatment is that it treats the pain as well!  Comfort and healing in one is a plus, plus in my book!



via learningabouteos.com


Simply warm up the olive oil in a pan or in the microwave.  Dip a cotton ball in the warm olive oil and place it in the infected ear.  The warmth and the natural antiseptic quality of the olive oil will help to tackle the infection.  Let the oil drip down the ear canal by lying on the opposite side.  The pain relief will be quick and if you are anything like my kids, you will wake in the morning feeling so much better!


Yay for natural healing remedies!


Mama Chanda

Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton