Old Window Welcome Sign

Meet Jessica one of our latest zesty peeps!! With a background in graphic design, she busted out this easy and fun welcome sign….just think of all the possibilities! Wedding signs, calendars, love notes- you name it!


I am totally into the whole chalkboard sign trend as of late. I love creating boards for myself and for friends. For a project, I wanted to take that same concept, but change up the medium a bit. So I thought, instead of art on chalkboard, let’s experiment with art on glass. It is a whole lot easier to make because all you need to find is a window or picture frame you like, instead of finding a chalkboard or creating your own. I’m obsessed with wall decor to the point that there is literally no empty space on my bedroom walls. They are just covered in posters, pictures, and things I’ve made. That being said, I thought it would be fitting to make my first DIY post about wall decor! This project is so simple and versatile for any need.



Old window frame

Staple Gun

Burlap Material (Or any fabric you want as your backdrop)

Window Paint Pens


Simply lay your window out on top of the burlap to get an idea of how much you need for the back. Don’t worry about getting an exact measurement, just make sure you have cut more than you need as you can trim the excess later. Cut out around the frame and then staple this to the back of the window frame. Then go around and trim the extra material off to clean up the edges.

Flip the window over and go ahead and write out whatever message you wish to have on your window. I wanted this window to be placed right outside my front door to welcome my guests in the home. Window paint pens are so easy to work with and forgiving. If you mess up, just wet a towel and wipe off the mistake.


The great this about this project is the amount of freedom you have with the wording and purpose of your frame!




Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton