Old books turned topiaries

Today was a very full day of running from one thing to the next.  I’m sure you are familiar with one of those days that makes you feel like a ping-pong ball, bouncing from one activity or need to the next.  By the end, my brain has become a zwirly-swirly scramble.  These are the days that I need to finish off with uproariously laughing at comedy, or pacifying my buzzing brain with some simple, zen-like activity.  So, if your day has been anything like mine, I prescribe a witty show in conjunction with this project…..


Find an old book that you no longer care a fig for (or visit a local thrift store for a book that you don’t care a fig for)….now start to fold.

DSC_1303It’s like folding a paper airplane…..kinda.  Take your first page and fold the edge down toward the center.  Then do it again, creating a second fold on your first paper.

DSC_1306I used a ruler to smooth down my fold so that I had nice sharp lines.

DSC_1308You will be left with a little tail at the bottom, just fold it up and smooth with your ruler.

DSC_1309And there you have it, three simple folds per page.  Now, do that 300 more times (or 252 more times if you picked a shorter book).  See what I mean about zen??  Mind numbing repetition can really mellow a gal out!

DSC_1312Last one done, now spread it out a bit and stand it up.

DSC_1313And for an extra touch of drama, I busted out some old candle sticks.

DSC_1314Check out my trio…..ahhhh peace.  I don’t think I remember all the chaos of the day….yay!!!!

DSC_1316Happy zestin‘ lovelies!