NYC Finds

Friday Finds

After exploring New York City for a few days, we want to share some of our fabulous finds! If you ever take a trip to the Big Apple, these our some must stop shops to visit! Here are the top five finds we wanted to share with all you lovelies!!



The famous Chelsea Market does not disappoint!  Whether you are a major foodie or just need to get your Anthropologie fix, there is so much to explore.  It’s not huge and overwhelming, just enough to explore and get out of the snow (in our case) for a couple of hours.  We were totally inspired by seeing maker’s creations at their indoor “flea” market.  Oh, and the architectural gems inside had us like, “Yaaaasssss!”

NYC Finds_0280



The spices display at Spices and Tease were off the hook, but we couldn’t resist the tea selection.  I was stoked to get my Lapsang Souchong fix.  If you are unfamiliar, this tea is!  It is a traditional Chinese black tea that has an incredible smoky flavor that comes from drying the tea leaves over smoking pine needles.  It is literally my all-time fav.  It is wonderful on it’s own, but even more amazing when blended with an oil of bergamot Earl Grey and a touch of dried lavender.  Top with milk and sit back with closed eyes as you sip.  Completely transformative!!

NYC Finds_0279



You guys!  I am such a ridiculous foodie!!!  I could not believe it when my eyes landed on this gem!  Growing up in Los Angeles, my mom routinely stocked the fridge with halvah as a healthier version of dessert.  My mom loved that we got a wallop of protein with our sugar intake, hahahaha!  But Seed + Mill have taken it to the next level.  These gorgeous cakes of halvah are a major pinky’s up experience.  The cardamom scented halvah was so unique and beautiful.  Half of their flavor creations are vegan, focusing primarily on the sesame seed, but the other half of the flavors included clarified butter.  Holy cow!  This is a nibble and taste dessert because of the richness, but I say “move over fudge and truffles!  Halvah is where it’s AT!”  But seriously, how can you resist flavors like sweet pecan, rose oil, coconut salted caramel, chocolate coconut, lemongrass, and on and on and on!!  Oh, and then they have goats milk ice-cream that they will top with halvah crumble.  Halvah cow!!

NYC Finds_0278



This is a legit Zest fav.  The Park restaurant is the perfect expression of our tastebuds and love of plants.  The food is fresh and incredible…and the sangria is legit.  But, we keep coming back to this place when we visit NYC because it is a perfect atmosphere of bringing the outdoors indoors.  It can be blazing hot outside, pouring down rain, or like today…snowing like mad.  It doesn’t matter, because inside The Park it feel like springtime every time.  The wisteria vines and trees are made even more magical with twinkle lights and chickadees fleeting about.  Just watch out, because those cute little birds will try to steal the house baked bread right off the table!! Hahaha

NYC Finds_0277




We are in heaven guys!!! Eataly is the most amazing little Italian market! Sam and I firmly believe cheese is food porn. Words can’t do this place justice, it’s a visual treat! Plus the aromas in this place were fabulous! The Italian theme here really got our tastebuds ready for some fine cuisine. It’s safe to say that we did NOT leave disappointed! Did we mention that all this food is from Italy?


Aren’t these NYC Finds absolutely fantastic?! Make sure to keep these places in mind when traveling to the Big Apple!