Newspaper pots…utilitarian recycling

It’s Spring and the garden is literally beckoning to me…the sun is warm and the wildflowers are in bloom.  In the spirit of a true gardener, the dirt is calling my name.  Time to get the raised beds planted and ready for an awesome Summer bounty (ok, admittedly, I am a little tardy in planting, but who cares?)

This cute little project will save all your seedlings from transplant shock for sure.  And who doesn’t like a paper project?photo-29

At first attempt, I chose to use an entire sheet of newspaper…but the pot turned out huge.  I wanted tiny and adorable, so I cut the paper down to size.  The most important aspect of this project is that you begin with a rectangle, but have fun playing with other recycled paper other than by folding the paper in half, with the spine of the fold on your left and the opening on your, take the paper and fold it in half by folding the bottom half up to the top, fold the paper in half from left to right.
photo-23Here is the tricky step to explain (hope the visual helps).  Take the front piece and open it up to fold along the spine of your “book” shape.  Basically, you are making a centered triangle with the front, flip the whole thing over and repeat with the back rectangle, opening and folding up along the, you will have this sort-of triangular shape with a split in the middle.  In order to get rid of the split, so that your structure will be strong, go ahead and open up the triangles and lay them flat…basically switching the sides of the triangles that open, it’s like paper airplanes.  Fold the the wings toward the spine.
photo-34Repeat one more time, ’til you have small “wings”….give her a flip and repeat on the opposite, you will fold the top tabs down on each up your seedling box and flatten out the bottom so that it can cute, right?photo-31You can see the variance in sizes…the large one was done with a full sheet, the second was done with a sheet cut down a bit (by cutting the double sheet of newspaper into a single and then trimming off about 5 or 6 inches so that the rectangle wasn’t crazy tall).photo-30Happily, we were able to use these sweet little pots for our SLO recycled wedding set, the best part was planting time!  Happy little baby plants without any transplant shock….and the newsprint will just disintegrate into the soil!  photo-6

Yay for a happy Spring!