Newborn Photoshoot, Ryker Lawrence Nason

I am in disbelief that as I write this blog post I have a 2 month year old baby napping in the other room!? What!? Everyone say’s the time will go quick but they didn’t say it would be on fast forward!! Craziness I tell ya! If anyone know’s how to slow down time help a sista out and DM me 🙂 All that to say we are going to take a little flash back today and get personal- I will give you all the latest greatest on learning my little Ry Ry as well as share our newborn photoshoot by Tayler Enerle. She swaddled and snapped these pics of this little nugget when he was about 7 days old- so fun!

Over the past few weeks never have I showered and slept so little, ate meals so fast, missed my family more, made so many typos in emails (lack of sleep I suppose!), spent so much time at home, or done so many loads of laundry. No complaints, just different. Billy and I have been married for almost 7 years now and we continue to learn more about ourselves and each other everyday, but especially with little guy in the picture. We have been teammates in the “learning how to have a newborn” trenches. So what have we learned about our little guy? He LOVES his swaddle- the tighter the better and even a double swaddle is often necessary. He loves his puppy kisses (thank goodness!)….

He is happiest in the morning, especially after 4oz of mommas milk- he always has the cheekiest grins! He also LOVES to stare into lighted windows or ceiling fans, so mesmerizing. He has taught me to have more grace for myself (breastfeeding is no joke) and also how to slow down a bit to read his signals and needs. He has also taught me how to have more patience, especially when he only wants to nap in 20 minute increments. I am also coming to know my learning style a bit more, rather than reading all the books and mommy blogs galore I have thoroughly enjoyed mommy n me classes, conversations with other momma friends and relational advice and wisdom- surprise surprise! Continuing to learn SO much, I can only imagine what is to come in the months and years 🙂

Thank you for the continued love and support!