Newborn Hospital pictures: Meet Ryker Lawrence Nason

It is with great joy Billy and I are SO pleased to introduce you to Ryker Lawrence Nason. The little guy came into our world Feb 24th at 6:25pm weighing in at 7.10 oz and 20.5” We are so in love and filled with joy, excitement, and pure exhaustion!!!! After laboring for a little over 24hrs and pushing for 4.5 or those hours, I have never known a greater struggle that was so rewarding. As I sit and write with this little warm peanut snuggled in next to me, I still can’t believe he is here and this is our new life. Life has felt somewhat surreal the past week. With such a lacking in sleep you would think that this would feel like the longggest week ever, but it in fact has felt like the shortest week of my life! Tomorrow I will have a 1 week old baby boy!! I know that will only be representative of our time as parents watching him grow, trying to learn to soak it all in! We have been SO blessed by family and friend all sending encouraging texts, meals, or visiting the hospital. One of those hospital visits was Auntie Anya– she snapped some beautiful images telling the story of Ryker. I hope you enjoy….

Daddy has perfected the swaddle!! (insert heart emoji eyes) #dadcrush

Grandma meeting her very first grandson.

This little sack was knit by my mother and all my siblings were brought home from the hospital in it. Excited to carry on this special tradition with Ry.

Someone has daddy’s arms and mommy’s toes!

Welcome little zester!