New Years Inspiration of Favs

Seasonal Sunday:



The New Year is literally just around the corner.  Us Zesty girls are super excited for what 2015 has in store for us and our families.  I love the adventure and possibilities of a New Year.  I get so excited when I look over the year prior and all the journeys that surprised us.  I adore how you never know what a year will bring.  Sam and I always get a kick at reminiscing about all the turns and swirls life takes us on.  Some are great and some can feel like loss, but they all intertwine to make us feel alive!

I know that some of you, like myself, may feel exhausted already by all the holiday festivities, but I hope that you find one last hoorah to finish up the year!  It may have brought you moments of devastation, moments of joy, moments of fear or moments of being swept-off-of-your-feet.  Regardless of the moments, 2014 deserves a great send off!  And 2015 begs for the celebration of hope.  Hope for the unknown, hope for the expected!

In honor NYE, we collected a few of our favs for you.  Hope they inspire you to celebrate!




Our Fav World Traditions

There are so many festive and fun traditions throughout the world.  Usually, the traditions and customs have to do with prosperity and good luck for the coming year.  They range from dancing around in bear costumes to eating bowls full of lentils.  Here are a couple of our favs:

Jumping off chairs and smashing plates in Denmark, eating grapes at each stroke of the clock at midnight in Spain, and in Johannesburg they literally throw old appliances out the window!

2015_New_Year's_Inspiration_0516 copy


However, the best of celebrations belong to Scotland.  Not only did they give us the the legacy of Auld Lang Syne (thank you poet Robert Burns!), but they ring in the New Year in soooo many celebratory ways!  New Year’s Eve (or Hogmanay as they call it) is celebrated with zeal.  From fireball processions (ummm, I’m sure these days they probably include some actual Fireball, too), fireworks, whisky drinking and the “First Footing” (the first visitor at midnight brings gifts and establishes a future of prosperity for the household).  I love the revelry!

 2015_New_Year's_Inspiration_0515 copy1|2|3|4|5|6



Our Fav Cocktails

This collection of fantastic cocktails we found resonate with our own all-time favorite flavors: grapefruit, coconut, vanilla, rosemary and pears.  They will bring sophistication and elegance to even a casual gathering.  The perfect way to finish off 2014!

2015_New_Year's_Inspiration_0509 copy

1|Champagne Etoile with Bourbon & Vanilla  2|Coconut Vanilla Bellini  3|Sparkling Lillet Grapefruit Cocktail  4|Champagne Cocktail with Pear Brandy  5|Bourbon Rosemary Fizz



Our Fav Ideas for Resolutions

For those of you who are struggling to figure out a New Year’s resolution, Popsugar has these incredibly inspiring checklists that will push you out of any humdrum.



And for those of you looking for something more traditional, we liked these motivational guidelines!  They keep things from getting too overwhelming!





Our Fav Party DIYs

There are so many ideas that we love, but we LOVE the sparkle of Oh Happy Day’s DIY backdrop.  After all, a great backdrop creates fantastical memories for your guests while energizing the whole mojo of your party!  So, sparkle on while you party on!


As you can imagine, us girls at Zest it Up are over-the-moon when it comes to clever DIY’s that help us celebrate.  Here are a couple of our other favs:

2015_New_Year's_Inspiration_0513 copy


2015_New_Year's_Inspiration_0514 copy



Getting excited for 2015!


Chanda & Sam