Natural Honey Allergy Lozenges

Here in California, we have had some legit rains…finally! It has been amazing to watch our lakes and rivers fill while the landscape turned a remarkable green. It has truly been lovely. However, after so many years of substantial drought, the rains have brought some things into bloom that have not been in bloom for years. Beautiful, yes…but it has made the allergy season completely unbearable. I feel like from one day to the next, I can literally tell you when something new goes into bloom based on how itchy my eyes get or how drippy my nose becomes.
It has been so darn miserable. I was starting to feel completely dependent on allergy meds just to make it through my day. I hate that! I really do not like resorting to any form of pill to make my body feel healthy. This dependency made me reach for the natural cure in raw honey. Yes, a spoonful does the body good by exposing the immune system to the allergens that are blooming locally, but I needed to rev things up thanks to the insanity of the allergy season. So, I came up with a tasty little lozenge that really helps me feel relief from all my annoying symptoms. The best part, it is natural and beautiful.

Natural Honey Allergy Lozenges

1 cup of raw, local honey
1 tablespoon of local bee pollen
2 capsules of stinging nettle

Note: Make sure to buy raw honey that is genuinely local. Your immune system needs the honey and pollen that is from the vegetation that you are exposed to on a regular basis. This makes grabbing raw honey at Costco or your local supermarket a bit sketch. I usually buy mine at my local health store because they are working with local farmers. I also stop in at my local Farmer’s Market for honey and pollen, too.

Start by warming your one cup of honey over a medium high heat. The idea here is to heat the honey to a candy temperature, without burning the honey. This can be tricky, and you may find yourself taking it off the heat intermittently, just to keep things from burning. Use a candy thermometer to help you determine hardball stage.

Once your honey is hot enough, quickly add in your pollen and stinging nettle. Both of these ingredients are heavy hitters when it comes to fighting allergy symptoms! Give your brew a gentle mix and be ready to create some lozenges.

Simply drop your candied honey mixture in little mounds on parchment paper. Let them cool and harden before wrapping them up in parchment for safe keeping.

These little cuties have already started to help my annoying allergies subside. Ahhh, sweet relief in the form of a yummy treat. Can’t be beat! Give this little recipe a try. If you are skeptical, at least you will have a yummy candy to suck on 😉