Natural DIY Jewelry Cleaner

I love it when I have a problem or a need and can manage to solve it beautifully with things I already have on hand.  It feels like such a feather in my cap!!

Let me first introduce you to my problem.  I am a gal who works with her hands.  I mean….seriously works with her hands.  As a chef, my hand are consistently dirtied and washed, again and again.  Then there is all my extracurricular work: concrete sanding, woodworking, rewiring, replumbing, painting, crafting (just to name a few).  I think I might feasibly wash my hands more than a nurse!  So, what is my problem (other than fatigue and dry hands)?  My jewelry gets trashed!  A deep cleaning was definitely in order.  SO, I rooted around my kitchen and such to find a solution.  The result?  Beautiful, sparkly jewelry and a VERY happy nose!


Natural DIY Jewelry Cleaner

2/3 cup of bottled water

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 tablespoon of peppermint Castile soap

10 drops of lemon essential oil


Why lemon essential oil, you may ask?  Well, if it is a new ingredient for you, just know that while it smells amazing, it has wonderful cleaning properties, too!  It is both antibacterial and antifungal…so it’s great for cleaning rings!

Shake up the ingredients to mix.

Then, all I did was plunk my jewelry into the mixture for a good soak.  The scent was OUT OF THIS WORLD!  And I wasn’t freaking out about unknown chemicals getting on my skin.  Happy day.


After I let them soak for like 10 minutes, I used a bottle brush to gently scrub out the debris that my crazy activities had left behind.


The solution even did a lovely job with gently removing the tarnish from my silver bracelet that has been woefully neglected!  A quick suggestion though, if you have some really stubborn tarnish, add a teaspoon or two of white vinegar to the mixture.  The acid will help with the work.


Well, my hands may still need a major spa day, but my jewelry is lookin’ bling-bling for sure!  This is a solution that bears repeating.  I think this amazing aroma actually has me feeling like I just had a mini spa break.  Ahhhhh!